ELAComm Video

ELAComm was a 3-day comprehensive, hands-on learning program held in Cannes, France, for more than 200 communications executives from Europe and Latin America (ELAComm).

Joel Montgomery designed, developed, and directed the program with the help of a team of senior executives from Accenture (then Andersen Consulting).  (See the story on https://www.JoelMonty.net.)

The video on that page may not play, so you can play the video below.



ExecutiveEmployers.com is working with me to secure senior executive positions on Boards and consulting positions with organizations.

This website, JoelMonty.us, is host to information concerning contracts and grants supported by local, state, and federal organizations–making use of my registration on SAM.gov.

In addition, this site serves as the interactive website in support of the work ExecutiveEmployers is doing to assist me in providing contracted support as a senior executive.

To view the Executive Resume they have helped me put online, please visit http://www.JoelMontgomery.net.  Send any emails to Joel@JoelMontgomery.net.